Does MyUvii use UV-C or Far UV-C Wavelength?

MyUvii Products uses a 180-254nm UV-C germicidal lamp that is ozone free


How is the MyUvii UV Sanitizer powered?

The MyUvii UV Sanitizer is powered by a battery that can be charged via USB. 


Can I get faster shipping than 5 - 10 working days?:

Unfortunately, due to disruptions to courier's shipping networks, this is the fastest that we can deliver our packages at a reasonable cost. Currently, shipping prices have gone up significantly, which we're absorbing for our customers. 


Where do you manufacture?

We are an American-owned company with manufacturing facilities in China (the same place where 80% of the world's electronics like iPhones are manufactured). We have offices in the United States. We ship to our customers globally from a network of globally distributed fulfilment centers nearest you.